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composite fillings

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Gone are the days of using the old silver filling material known as amalgam. Not only are the results of such a filling unsightly, but amalgam is not healthy for your teeth as it can cause teeth to crack or break over time. Your Greeneville family dentists at Tusculum Dental Care can install beautiful, natural-looking composite fillings when you experience tooth decay.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings also are known as tooth-colored fillings, consist of a resin material that matches your teeth, and blends in beautifully with your smile – no more shiny metal! Composite fillings are preferred by dentists and patients, because of their aesthetics, and because they are safer for your teeth.

What is the difference between the old silver fillings and composites?

Silver fillings are noticeable, unlike composites that can be chosen in the shade that matches your specific tooth.

Those old amalgam fillings also caused the tooth to become grey or dingy-looing over time, and often result in tooth fractures since the material does not expand and contract like teeth. Composite fillings, however, maintain a natural look and do not cause teeth to break over time.

Also, research has indicated a link between amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity, which could have adverse health effects especially for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Composite fillings have not been known to cause any health conditions, and have been found safe to use for dental fillings.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

While there are significant differences between amalgam and composite fillings, certain benefits help set apart this natural-looking restoration.

Benefits of a tooth-colored filling include:

  • When installing a composite filling, we usually can retain a greater portion of the natural tooth structure, which is always a plus when restoring a tooth.
  • Since the filling is bonded directly to the tooth, it is less likely to fall out or fail, unlike an amalgam filling.
  • Composite fillings typically do not need to be replaced, unless an injury occurs to the tooth that causes it to become damaged.

What to Expect

When you receive a composite filling, we need to numb your mouth so that you remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

  1. We then remove any decay from the tooth, and thoroughly rinse and dry the area.
  2. An etching solution is then applied, which helps the filling bond to the tooth better.
  3. After rinsing and drying the tooth once more, the composite material is then placed.
  4. The composite is pliable at first, allowing the dentist to mold and shape the filling.
  5. Then, we use a special curing light to harden the material. A final polish will have your filling looking as good as a natural tooth!

Caring for your New Filling

Caring for your teeth after receiving a composite filling is as easy as it always has been. Simply brush and floss daily, and remember to visit your dentist in Greeneville for routine checkups and cleanings.

Composite Fillings in Greeneville

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