Before getting a Facelift, Consider Cosmetic Dentistry First!

consider cosmetic dentistry

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Most people want to look younger and have a more youthful appearance in their face. Exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of rest, and staying protected from the sun can only do so much when it comes to keeping you looking younger, although there are many proven health benefits to each of these good habits even if you continue practicing them throughout your entire life. While facelifts, brow lifts, eye lifts, and neck lifts are known to produce youthful-looking results, they come at a cost – literally, they are quite expensive, and they require extensive downtime that most working adults just simply aren’t able to commit to.

If you are thinking about a facelift or plastic surgery to look younger, first consider cosmetic dentistry in Greeneville by Tusculum Dental Care, a dental practice committed to providing elite dental care to patients. Here are some reasons why cosmetic dentistry should come first on your list of self-improvements for looking younger.

Botox®injections and dermal fillers are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, producing a youthful appearance around the eyes, lips, nose, and forehead, while cosmetic dentistry can straighten teeth, and produce teeth that are noticeable whiter for a more vivacious, and memorable smile. Combine these treatments, and you get dramatic results without the need for extensive surgery or a lengthy recovery.

How cosmetic dentistry can help you look younger

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the look of your teeth, gums, and smile. If you have dingy or discolored teeth, this can make you look older, which is why professional teeth whitening might be a solution for you. But, if you are like most people, you don’t have a perfect smile. Crooked teeth or teeth that are missing, broken, gapped, or otherwise misshapen, all can take a toll on your appearance making you look older. Cosmetic dentistry can fix these issues, and it doesn’t even require any downtime or the need for surgery.


Veneers are expertly crafted of dental porcelain and made to mimic the look of natural dental enamel. Permanently bonded onto the front surface of your teeth, veneers can fix many of the cosmetic issues mentioned above. Plus, the best part about veneers is that it only takes a couple of weeks, at most, to receive your final restorations and then you will be well on your way to looking younger with a confident smile!

Dental Implants

For patients with missing teeth, those gaps in your smile can cause your bite to look collapsed, especially in cases of significant tooth loss. You know the look, it is similar to when grandpa or grandpa remove their dentures, and their jaw collapses, producing what looks like a permanent frown, complete with wrinkles. While you may not experience it to that degree, we can easily produce a balanced, fuller bite with dental implants. Even our All-on-4 implant system, perfect for those with significant tooth loss or current denture wearers, can have you smiling confidently in no time! In fact, our All-on-4 procedure is often referred to as “Teeth in a Day” because you can get rid of those old dentures or replace your missing teeth in a single day!

While cosmetic dentistry seeks to improve the look of your teeth, gums, and smile, it often results in a younger-looking appearance overall of the face. Specific cosmetic dental treatments paired with Botox or dermal filler injections could really help turn back the clock in terms of your looks, all without the need for surgery and extensive downtime.

Cosmetic Dentists in Greeneville

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