Get your Smile Picture-Ready for that Big Event this Summer

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What do weddings, reunions and vacations have in common? They all tend to happen during the summer months, and they are all events where photos often get taken. Before the cameras or the camera phones come out, you want to make sure you look your best. Does your checklist include your smile? Do you tend to take pictures with your mouth closed because you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth? Don’t worry! Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to transform the appearance of your smile. Read on, as today on the blog, we share how your Greeneville cosmetic dentists can get your smile ready for that big event on your summer calendar.

Teeth whitening: Short on time and looking to make a dramatic change in your smile? Brightening your teeth by just a few shades through a dental whitening treatment can transform your smile, and the entire procedure usually can be completed in an hour or less. For maximum convenience, we also offer in-home treatments or can portion our whitening agent into pre-filled trays.

Veneers: Invented for use on a film set in Hollywood nearly a century ago, veneers have become a popular choice for cosmetic dentists. Veneers are thin pieces of material that are bonded permanently to the front of teeth. They can be used to address a single tooth or placed on all the visible tooth surfaces in your mouth. When placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist, veneers address an assortment of different aesthetic flaws: chips, cracks, small fractures, slight crookedness or a gap between teeth. It should be noted that a veneer procedure entails two appointments scheduled about two weeks apart, so if you want to receive your veneers before your big event, you need to plan accordingly.

Cosmetic bonding: What if you do not have the time, or the budget, to get veneers before your big event? A dental bonding procedure could be your solution. Unlike veneers, a bonding treatment can be completed in a single appointment. It is also minimally invasive and less expensive because of the fewer number of visits to our office and the materials that are used. However, like veneers, a bonding treatment can address a variety of different aesthetic flaws. This entails placing a cosmetic resin on the tooth or teeth being treated. That resin is then sculpted and color-matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth, allowing your bonding treatment to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry improves function as well as form

Perfect-looking smiles do not just happen on their own. They are created through the science and artistry of cosmetic dentistry. Many patients who undergo cosmetic dental work report that their oral health improves following the procedure. Benefits may include an improved alignment in their bite or better dental hygiene because their teeth are easier to keep clean.

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