Have a Smile that’s Merry and Bright this Holiday Season

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It’s a tradition to gather with loved ones and friends to enjoy the holidays. The opportunity to interact with and meet new individuals is also invited. To relax and take in the season, you want your smile to be at its finest. Our Erwin cosmetic dentists at Tusculum Dental Care share on the blog today cosmetic dental procedures that can help you have a smile that’s merry and bright this holiday season.


The most typical aesthetic problem with a smile is discolored teeth. That’s because it’s so simple to absorb the dark pigments from foods and beverages throughout your lifetime. Blueberries, soda, spaghetti, soy sauces, red wine, coffee, tea, and other common offenders include these pigments. However, our Jonesborough cosmetic dentists who offer teeth whitening procedures may get rid of years’ worth of persistent stains and give you a brighter, more youthful-looking smile. You may select from professional strength whitening methods and cutting-edge whitening technologies to obtain the outcomes you want.


You’re in excellent hands with our talented Greeneville cosmetic dentists since they specialize in dental veneers. Tusculum Dental Care can brighten smiles that were originally broken, damaged, or discolored over time using veneers. Although veneers are extremely delicate, they are also sturdy and will shield your teeth from further harm. They are thin shells that are color-matched to surrounding teeth and attached to the tooth front, so they appear and feel quite natural, yet they are faultless and brilliant.

Contour and Bond

Without resorting to dental veneers, it could be possible to improve your smile. When one of our dentists does tooth contouring, they carefully polish off the superficial flaws on your enamel. Due to their extensive training, our cosmetic dentists in Erwin can delicately smooth out any rough areas on your teeth to give them a perfect appearance. The superior option may be dental bonding if the surface flaws require a little more assistance to be concealed. This is advantageous if you have little chips or cracks in your teeth since bonding employs resin that is tooth-colored to cover up such imperfections. Afterward, they are polished to give a natural shine.


Patients who wish for a straight smile continue to flock to our Jonesborough cosmetic dental office because our staff is a top authority on Invisalign treatment and has a lengthy track record of patient success. A set of translucent plastic aligners called Invisalign are scarcely detectable when you wear them at your holiday gatherings. This orthodontic procedure gradually adjusts your teeth into optimal alignment in a relatively short time compared to traditional braces. You may have the desired straight smile without the pain, stress, or trouble of metal braces by this time next year.


The numerous aesthetic problems with your teeth don’t have to be demoralizing. That’s because our cosmetic dentists in Greeneville are highly trained specialists who understand what it takes to transform your smile and can make it happen with combined procedures in a smile makeover. Together, we can plan a roadmap of steps for you and accompany you along the journey. You may obtain a brand-new smile that will transform the way you appear and feel with the help of an extensive cosmetic treatment plan.

Cosmetic Dentists in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee

If you don’t like the way your grin appears over the holidays, it will be difficult to have fun. Instead of looking forward to exciting parties and private gatherings or feeling calm while you’re there, you’re concerned and self-conscious about revealing your teeth when chatting to people or smiling for photographs. However, our Erwin cosmetic dental office is aware that’s not the type of holiday you ought to be having. Now is the perfect moment to use cosmetic dentistry to brighten up your smile. You want your grin to be as joyful and radiant as the holiday season itself when you’re surrounded by the glittering decorations and the pomp and circumstance of New Year’s celebrations. So, call Tusculum Dental Care at (423) 639-7575 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and find out how cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile for the holidays.