Want Whiter teeth, Consider Veneers!

veneers permantly whiten teeth

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When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the appearance of your smile? One of the most common aesthetic flaws that people point out about their smile is the discoloration of their teeth. There are many ways available for you to whiten your smile: toothpastes, mouth rinses, store-bought whitening kits, and a professional whitening treatment from your cosmetic dentist in Greeneville. However, at Tusculum Dental Care, we also can use veneers to give you a dazzling, bright smile worthy of the Hollywood red carpet.

Not all stains on teeth respond to whitening treatments

Even a professional whitening procedure is designed to address only extrinsic stains—defined as stains that develop from the consumption of coffee, wine, dark-colored fruits, and tobacco. A whitening procedure breaks down the particles in these stains and removes them, while also brightening your teeth by several shades. However, there are other ways teeth can be stained. Fluorosis, for example, develops due to defects in the tooth enamel—the protective outer layer of your tooth structure. These defects may occur when an amalgam filling is installed, as this has been known to darken an entire tooth. Teeth also may develop intrinsic stains, perhaps as a side effect to certain medications.

A whitening treatment is limited by the natural shade of your tooth enamel

Even a professional whitening procedure administered by an experienced cosmetic dentist only can do so much to brighten your teeth. Tooth enamel comes in a range of colors and shades, but a whitening treatment only can brighten teeth as much as the natural tooth enamel allows. When using veneers, however, there is no limit to how many shades you can brighten your teeth. This is because a full set of veneers can be installed over all the visible surfaces of your teeth to provide you with the whitest shade of teeth that lasts.

Whitening teeth is just one of the goals that can be achieved from veneers

Veneers simultaneously can address several different perceived aesthetic flaws with your teeth. In addition to correcting discoloration, veneers can be used to improve the appearance of teeth that are crooked, short, crowded, worn, chipped, or to conceal an unwanted gap between two teeth. Receiving a full set of veneers not only can brighten your smile but also give you a mouth full of whiter, perfectly straight, beautiful-looking teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry in Greeneville

No two people are alike—and each smile is unique as well. An experienced cosmetic dentist can identify the flaws you want to address and construct a treatment plan that also factors in your oral health history and medical history. At Tusculum Dental Care, our cosmetic dentists Dr. Craig Shepherd and Dr. Nathaniel Renner can identify which method is right for you to achieve a brighter smile. If you choose veneers, we work with veneers made of dental porcelain—a beautiful material that reflects light in a similar manner to natural tooth enamel and also is stain-resistant. We also offer DuraThin veneers, a revolutionary treatment option that can be installed over the front of your teeth without removing any of the existing tooth structure.

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