3 Reasons to Call Your Emergency Dentist in Greeneville

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Just like a medical emergency, a dental emergency can occur at any time. The best way to prepare for any emergency is to be aware of what actually is a true emergency. So, today on the blog, we explain three reasons you should call your emergency dentist in Greeneville.

Dental avulsion

This is the clinical term for what happens when a tooth gets knocked out of its socket. Dental avulsion usually occurs due to severe gum disease or an injury sustained to the mouth. No matter the cause, getting a tooth knocked out of your socket is serious and requires prompt treatment. In the event of dental avulsion, call your emergency dentist to make them aware of the situation. Then, clean the tooth of blood and debris, and store it in a cup of milk or try to place it back in the socket. Next, bite down on some moist gauze to help with any bleeding. If you keep the tooth stored properly, your emergency dentist may be able to save it.

Exposure of the dental nerve

All kinds of things can crack or chip a tooth, but if one of these injuries exposes the nerve in the tooth, this can be a very serious problem. It typically happens when a tooth becomes cracked or chipped, or when a large filling or crown falls out. When a tooth’s nerve becomes exposed, it can cause severe pain that can be debilitating, hindering your ability to function on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the tooth becomes at risk for further damage. In these instances, you want to be seen as soon as possible by your Jonesborough emergency dentist.

Severe tooth pain that won’t go away

Pain of any kind is your body sending you a signal that something is wrong. Dental pain is no exception to this rule. Tooth pain can be caused by an exposed nerve, tooth decay, or an infection. Some infections develop into abscesses. This means the infection reaches the end of the tooth root, creating a pocket of pus. Left untreated, the infected material can filter through the bloodstream, potentially spreading to the heart or brain. An abscess is a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate treatment.

Emergency Dentistry in Greeneville, Jonesborough and Erwin in Tennessee

Any dental issue, whether it is minor or severe, should be examined by your trusted and experienced dentist. Issues such as chips, cracks and loose fillings might wait for a few days, but never ignore them completely as this can cause extensive damage.

If you are unsure if you have an emergency, or you have any questions regarding your oral health, call your emergency dentist at Tusculum Dental Care at (423)-639-7575 today to make an appointment. While you are on the phone with a provider, be prepared to answer questions about your pain, symptoms, type of injury and any existing oral health conditions. Don’t let your injuries or concerns go ignored; contact an emergency dentist at Tusculum Dental Care as soon as possible.