Dental Implants

dental implants

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Do you have a missing tooth? Allow the staff at Tusculum Dental Care to replace it with a dental implant. Considered the finest tooth replacement option available in restorative dentistry, an implant is permanent, decay-resistant, and looks and functions like natural, healthy teeth.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant consists of the following parts:

  • The implant itself, a titanium screw that is inserted surgically into the jawbone
  • A crown, which replaces the top portion of the tooth, and is matched in shape and color to look like your other natural teeth
  • An abutment, which connects the implant and crown

What can I expect from a dental implant procedure?

The process consists of several appointments. The first appointment will involve the surgical implantation of your dental implant. Your mouth is made numb to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Following the placement of the dental implant, your jawbone will need several months or more to heal as the implant fuses to the bone. 

Once healing is complete, a dental crown will be handcrafted and attached to your implant by way of the abutment. The crown procedure will take at least a couple of weeks to complete. We take impressions of your mouth at the first appointment using our state-of-the-art digital imaging system. Then, you return for us to permanently bond the crown to the abutment.

Benefits of a Dental Implant

An implant replaces the missing tooth’s root, the only tooth replacement option on the market that does so. Replacing the root prevents the process of jawbone recession that occurs after losing a tooth; the supporting bone structure naturally deteriorates over time, because it is no longer receiving stimulation from the tooth’s root.

A dental implant also has the following benefits:

  • Stable and will not shift or slip like dentures are prone to do
  • Permanent, which means you never have to remove it for cleaning
  • Comfortable, feels like a natural tooth
  • Does not put strain or stress on your other teeth
  • Prevents premature aging and bone deterioration
  • Implants have a 95 percent success rate

Implants are the most durable tooth replacement available but must be maintained. You can brush and floss your completed implant just like your other natural teeth. These oral hygiene efforts will help improve the likelihood that your implant will succeed for the long haul.

Who should not have dental implants?

Dental implants are not recommended for children or any patient who currently suffers from gum disease at any stage. If you desire an implant but also have gum disease, we can treat the infection first through our comprehensive periodontal program.

Implant Dentist in Greeneville

Before any implant procedure takes place, your local Greeneville implant dentist at Tusculum Dental Care perform a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s oral health to identify any pre-existing conditions that could prove problematic. The first step is to schedule a consultation at our office by calling (423) 639-7575 to make your appointment today.

Tusculum Dental Care is proud to serve patients in the areas of Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee.