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Traditional dentures are known to cause sores in the mouth and discomfort for its wearers. If this sounds hauntingly familiar, find out how All on 4s also referred to as Teeth in a Day in Greeneville works and how you can get new teeth that are comfortable and won’t cause you pain.

Implant dentists in the Greeneville area at Tusculum Dental Care can install the All on 4 implants and replacement teeth in a single day. Here’s how this revolutionary procedure works.

What are All on 4s?

All on 4s consists of four dental implants strategically placed into each dental arch, and a custom set of replacement teeth known as an overdenture that permanently connects to the implants. An overdenture is less bulky compared to a complete denture but does partially fit over the ridge of your dental arches in a similar manner. The entire procedure is done in one day, which means by the time you leave our office at the conclusion of your appointment, you’ve got yourself a comfortable, new set of teeth! Plus, you will look fabulous, too

The Process

We have you come in so that we can evaluate your oral health, and take some pictures and X-rays of your mouth. These images are used to fabricate your custom teeth. Then, our dental implant surgeon in Greeneville will place your dental implants. These implants are shorter than traditional dental implants that require months of healing. This is why, with All on 4s, you can receive your implants and new teeth on the same day.

While the implant procedure takes place, your new replacement teeth are fabricated, and then returned to our office for us to permanently attach to your dental implants. The results are completely natural, even better than your old set of dentures.

Benefits of All on 4s

There are many benefits of the All on 4 procedure including the following:

  • Permanent, so you never have to remove them to clean
  • Comfortable, won’t slip or shift in the mouth, no sore spots
  • Stable, never have to worry about them flopping out of place when talking or eating
  • Natural looking, we use only the highest quality materials to make the overdenture, which means results look more natural than ever

Possibly the best benefit of this procedure is you can have your teeth in a day – no waiting weeks on a lab, or returning to our office for multiple adjustments. Once and done, and your new teeth will be gorgeous!

All on 4s in Greeneville

If you would like to learn more about this procedure or how you could benefit from it, please contact Tusculum Dental Care by calling (423) 639-7575 to schedule a consultation. If you were previously told that you were not a candidate for dental implants, you likely could benefit from All on 4s since we utilize smaller implant posts and due to the location of the implant placement.

Tusculum Dental Care welcomes patients of the Greeneville area, as well as Erwin and Jonesborough, Tennessee.