3 Tips to Finding a Top-Rated Family Dentist

choosing family dentist

choosing family dentistServing patients of Erwin, Jonesborough, and Greeneville TN

Maybe you’re moving, you’ve just changed insurance, or you’ve recently become a parent. Whatever the cause may be, you may be looking for a new family dentist. A family dentist should be able to treat patients of any age—from infants to senior citizens. Finding a family dentist is a big decision, and the process can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a new family dentist in Greeneville, there are certain questions you should ask and a couple of specific facts you should know. Tusculum Dental Care wants to help you by providing three tips to finding a top-rated family dentist in Greeneville.

Check their education and experience

You know all dentists have to go to school and be certified in order to practice. However, their educational background and how many years of experience they have can determine whether or not you should trust your family’s oral care to them. At Tusculum Dental in Greeneville, we have been serving patients in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, since 1998. Furthermore, our dentists Dr. Nathaniel Renner and Dr. Craig Shepherd regularly pursue continuing education opportunities so that they remain knowledgeable on the latest techniques and tools in dental science.

Prevention is your best defense

Preventive care is more than just a dentist or dental hygienist showing your children the best way to brush and floss. A family dental office should offer a comprehensive program of preventative dental care that includes professional cleanings, X-rays, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments. At Tusculum Dental Care, we offer all of these treatment options. We believe it is best to identify and treat a problem with your oral health as early as possible, saving you time and money.

It’s about technology

By seeing a family dentist who uses the latest tools and techniques currently available in dental science, you can rest assured that your doctors are working to remain at the forefront of their field. At Tusculum Dental Care, our procedures represent the forefront of modern dentistry. We use our office technology to identify potential problems long before they start showing symptoms, streamlining the impressions process through the use of digital imaging, and use our precise dental laser to perform many soft-tissue procedures. If you’re uncomfortable with being in a dental office at all, we also offer sedation dentistry. Our advanced technology also allows us to work more efficiently. That means your time in our office is minimized, allowing you to get on with your day.

At what age should my child see a family dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends children start going to the dentist after their first birthday or after the first baby tooth emerges. However, not all family dentists see toddlers. Dr. Renner and Dr. Shepherd have worked with children of all ages.

Finding Your Family Dentist in Greenville

At Tusculum Dental Care, Dr. Renner and Dr. Shepherd understand the unique challenges of family dentistry. We also can schedule appointments for several members of your family at once, making dental care as convenient as possible. Don’t waste your money or your time trying to find a dentist who doesn’t truly fit your family’s needs. Contact Tusculum Dental Care today by phone at (423) 639-7575 if you’re located in the areas of Greenville, Jonesborough, or Erwin, Tennessee.