Four Questions to Ask At Your Next Dentist Appointment in Greeneville

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You know it’s important to brush and floss each day. However, even the most rigorous regimen of at-home dental hygiene can accomplish only so much. That’s why regular dental checkups are so important. The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist every six months, to have your teeth professionally cleaned and undergo a dental examination. Regular check-ups lower your risk of cavities and gum disease, while also providing a regularly updated record of your oral condition. Each check-up also represents a chance for you to actively participate in your dental decisions. Not sure where to start? No worries. Your dental specialist in Greeneville at Tusculum Dental Care suggests these four questions to ask at your next routine dental visit:

  1. Should I be using different tools and products for home oral hygiene?

Your toothbrush, floss and mouthwash make for the most common tools for your oral health. That doesn’t mean they represent your only options. It would be a great idea to consult your dentist on additional, helpful, ADA-approved options to enhance your smile and protect against future problems. For example, your dentist may suggest you switch to a different type of toothbrush or toothpaste.

  1. Should I be screened for oral cancer?

Did you know that oral cancer has one of the highest mortality rates? This is because this type of cancer usually is not discovered until it is rather well-developed. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, meaning it’s a great time to be screened. At Tusculum Dental Care, it is our policy to perform an oral cancer screening as part of each examination during a check-up.

  1. Am I at risk of gum disease?

We’ve often heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our oral health is an ideal canvas on which to apply this sensible mindset. Nearly half of Americans have some degree of periodontal disease, according to the latest data from the CDC. Once gum disease reaches its advanced stage, periodontitis, irreversible damage has been done to your teeth and mouth. Be sure to discuss your personal health and risk levels for gum disease with your dentist. A consistent, proactive care plan can help to fend off many of the risks.

  1. Do I have signs of teeth grinding?

Clinically called bruxism, this is the involuntary habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, usually while you’re asleep. Symptoms of bruxism include waking up with a tension headache on a regular basis, heightened sensitivity to hot and cold, or even significant, uneven wear on your teeth. If your Jonesborough family dentist detects signs of bruxism, the team at Tusculum Dental Care can supply you with a custom mouth guard to wear when you sleep, protecting your teeth from further damage.

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It’s estimated that one third of Americans stopped going to the dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some never returned. If you’ve not seen a dentist recently, now is a great time to get back on track. Receive routine dental cleanings and exams, as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), at Tusculum Dental Care. Call (423) 639-7575 to schedule a consultation or visit us online.