What Happens if you Ignore Gum Disease?

ignoring gum disease

ignoring gum diseaseServing patients of Erwin, Jonesborough, and Greeneville TN

Your smile is an integral part of your life that can affect many areas. So, whether you have beaming straight, white teeth that light up the room or a not-so-bright smile with crooked or gapped teeth, oral hygiene is an important activity you should practice daily. But unfortunately, gum disease develops when you stop brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. So, our Greeneville dentists at Tusculum Dental Care share on the blog today what happens if you ignore gum disease and how to reduce harmful bacteria impacts on your smile.

What is gum disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums, teeth, and jawbone caused by bacteria. Lack of dental hygiene can cause jawbone and gum damage. Our family dentists in Jonesborough explain that the condition will destroy the bone without treatment, making the teeth loose and susceptible to falling out. Plaque is the leading cause of periodontal disease. When plaque remains on the tooth’s surface, it may harden into tartar and calculus.

What are gum disease symptoms?

Typically, the first sign of gum disease is noticing pink in the sink when brushing your teeth. As the bacteria increase, the body enters its defensive response and creates inflammation. Bleeding from your mouth is not normal and can be a sign of a problem. Therefore, our Erwin family dentists recommend visiting our office if you experience bleeding gums or any of the following conditions: red or swollen gums, loose teeth, persistent bad breath, and gum inflammation. Some people may also experience tenderness or pain in their gums.

What’s the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis?

Gingivitis is a treatable gum disease form that doesn’t harm your smile. Nearly half of the adult population in the U.S. has some form of gingivitis, and many do not know it. Untreated gingivitis can progress to periodontitis if not treated. Our Greeneville family dentists warn patients that gum disease can permanently damage teeth, gums, and the underlying jawbone. Bacteria that cause gingivitis result in pockets between tooth roots and gums. Untreated, pockets grow as the bacterial population explodes. Oversized pockets can cause pain, cavities, loose teeth, and tooth loss.

Are there high-risk groups for gum disease?

Gum disease is a condition that can affect anyone at any time. However, some people are more prone to developing gum disease than others. Gum disease can be hereditary, so if you have a family history of it, be careful by ensuring you have a diligent oral hygiene regimen. Additionally, immunocompromised individuals with systemic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and even pregnancy may have an increased risk for gum disease development. Additionally, smoking, stress, medications, age, and hormonal changes caused by puberty, pregnancy, or menopause can increase gum disease risk.

What could happen if you avoid treatment?

Seeing our dentists in Erwin, who are qualified and knowledgeable about gum disease, and practicing good oral hygiene every day are the best ways to prevent or stop gum disease. Gum disease will not cure on its own and gradually worsen over time. Without treatment, periodontal disease may lead to a wide range of health complications that extend beyond your teeth and gums. For example, bacteria from your mouth can enter your bloodstream and trigger conditions such as cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and pregnancy complications. Furthermore, harmful oral bacteria in your bloodstream may lead to cardiac arrest, stroke, or death.

What are the available treatment options?

Early intervention is the best method to treat gum disease and prevent tooth and gum damage. Therefore, at our Greenville family dental office, we offer effective treatments outlined below that can help address gum disease, whether it’s in the early or more advanced stages.

  • Repetitive Therapy: A mixture of scaling and root planning cleans above and below your gum line to remove harmful oral bacteria stuck on tartar. In most cases, we administer local anesthesia so that this cleaning is more comfortable for patients. These cleanings can also be completed at intervals and may need to occur more than the recommended twice-yearly cleanings, which is ideal for individuals without gum disease.
  • Laser Therapy: We eliminate diseased gum tissue using our dental laser technology. When compared to standard gum grafting, this method is preferable. In addition, due to the laser’s pinpoint accuracy, we can preserve more healthy gum tissues. Laser gum therapy vaporizes diseased tissue

Gum Disease Treatment in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee

Lost teeth, heart problems, arthritis, and other health complications are only some of the periodontitis consequences. Periodontal disease is avoidable with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups at our Jonesborough area dental office. Therefore, call Tusculum Dental Care at (423) 639-7575 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.