Advice on Dealing with Invisalign Discomfort

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Smiling with crooked, gapped, or overlapped teeth could lower your self-confidence. With revolutionary dental treatments such as Invisalign, you could straighten your teeth, creating a beautiful, healthy smile. Generally, Invisalign is known to be more comfortable than traditional braces. However, some patients experience dental soreness when switching to a new set of trays. Therefore, certified Invisalign providers in Greenville at Tusculum Dental Care are sharing some advice on dealing with Invisalign discomfort to help you enjoy a more comfortable treatment process.

Should I expect soreness with Invisalign?

No matter the type of orthodontic treatment you choose, the movement of your teeth could cause some soreness and tenderness. The treatments use steady but gentle forces to realign your teeth. Approximately half of the Invisalign patients experience mild to slight tenderness, while the remaining patients report no discomfort or pain.

How do I reduce discomfort from my Invisalign treatment?

Even though you could experience discomfort throughout your clear aligner orthodontic treatment program, your professional dentists in Erwin at Tusculum Dental Care offer some common ways to address this issue.

  1. Over-the-counter-pain Relief

To eliminate discomfort, use common over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Although the medication may not be needed every day, it should help exterminate pain when beginning your aligning treatment or changing to your next tray. Your cosmetic dentists in Greeneville at Tusculum Dental Care recommend following the directions on the label or other provided directions during your appointment.

  1. Stay on Schedule

In the beginning, our dentists will provide specific instructions about your treatment, and when you should switch your alignment trays. Typically, alignment trays are used for two weeks, but depending on your treatment plan, they could be switched out every week. Your treatment plan is tailor-made for your needs, so it is important to follow the directions of your dentist to reduce discomfort or potential damage.

  1. Switch Your Trays at Bedtime

Many patients undergoing Invisalign treatment find that the discomfort of switching trays occurs within the first few hours. Try switching the trays before bed as it could allow you to sleep through the uncomfortable transition.

  1. Apply a Cold Compress

A cold compress or an ice pack could help reduce your discomfort and inflammation. To minimize pain, apply a cold compress to your face or jaw area for approximately 20 minutes. Then, remove the compress for 20 minutes, repeating the process three to four times per day to reduce discomfort.

  1. Consume Soft Foods

Although there are no dietary restrictions with Invisalign treatments, you may experience some discomfort when consuming crunchy or tough foods. Therefore, your board-certified dentists in Greeneville at Tusculum Dental Care advise you to eat soft foods such as pasta, rice, smoothies, pudding, applesauce, or yogurt to ease discomfort while eating. You may only need to do this for the first day or two after switching to a new set of aligners.

  1. Consistently Wear Your Aligners

Patients should wear their aligners even when experiencing pain or discomfort in their mouth because they will become accustomed to them faster. Leaving your aligners out for a prolonged period may only cause more discomfort when you re-insert them. Plus, not wearing your aligners as prescribed could lengthen your treatment timeline. The typical Invisalign treatment requires that your alignment trays be worn at least 22 hours per day to be the most effective.

Invisalign Treatment in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee

Invisalign should be a smooth and relatively painless experience. By following the above advice on dealing with discomfort issues during treatment, you should painlessly achieve your overall goal of a straight smile. For more information about Invisalign or to schedule your appointment for treatment, feel free to call Tusculum Dental Care at (423) 639-7575 or book an appointment online today.