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life with invisalign

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Having straight, well-aligned teeth benefits more than just the appearance of your smile. Having properly aligned teeth improves the function of your bite. It also makes it easier for you to care and maintain your teeth, lowering your risk of oral health threats such as decay and gum disease. Millions of people seek orthodontic treatment, and more and more individuals are choosing to bypass braces for the customized clear aligners used in Invisalign®. Not sure which method is right for you? In this article, your Greeneville family dentists at Tusculum Dental Care will explore what you can expect in your day-to-day life while using Invisalign®.

The Facts on Invisalign®

First off, let’s make sure you understand how Invisalign® works. Rather than use brackets and wires to straighten teeth like braces do, the Invisalign® system uses several sets of clear plastic aligners that apply gentle pressure to guide teeth into their preferred alignment. Every few weeks, you receive a different set of aligners to help guide you through the next phase of movement.

Clear aligners are discreet

All of the aligners used in the Invisalign® method are made of transparent, biocompatible acrylic. That means the aligners are almost impossible to detect when worn. This makes Invisalign® a great choice for anyone who is self-conscious about the conspicuous nature of traditional braces—especially adults. With Invisalign®, you get the straighter teeth you deserve, and no one around you will be the wiser!

Eat what you want

Braces are bonded to your teeth, and eating certain foods can damage the brackets and wires. You may have to give up some of your favorite meals and snacks while the braces do their work, which can take two years or longer. With Invisalign®, the aligners are removable, which means you can and should take them out when you eat or perform your usual dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

They make oral hygiene a breeze

Keeping your teeth clean while you have braces can be a challenge. You have to spend extra time and take extra care navigating around the brackets and wires, while also trying to prevent food particles from accumulating and causing future problems. Cleaning your teeth with Invisalign® is as simple as removing your aligners, and then replacing them when you are done.

Invisalign® in Greeneville

Tusculum Dental Care is proud to be a licensed Invisalign® provider in Greeneville, Erwin, and Jonesborough. If you’re interested in learning more about this method of orthodontic treatment, the next step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nathaniel Renner or Dr. Craig Shepherd. Once they’ve determined if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®, digital images will be taken of your teeth and used as a model to produce your first set of plastic aligners. You’ll need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, and then return every few weeks for a new set. Length of treatment varies on an individual basis, but the average course of Invisalign® treatment may be completed in 12-18 months.

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Tusculum Dental Care is proud to offer Invisalign® to our patients in the areas of Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin in Tennessee.