Why Straightening your Teeth doesn’t have to be Scary

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If you’re like many other adults, your teeth aren’t perfect. They’re probably a little or maybe a lot crooked, overlapped or twisted. Orthodontics is the most common way to straighten teeth, although adults often shy away from getting braces because they are scared of how they will look or what people might think. Thankfully, there is a near-invisible way to get that perfect smile you desire. Invisalign providers near you in Greeneville at Tusculum Dental Care share why straightening your teeth doesn’t have to be scary.

Invisalign is for teens and adults of all ages

Many people assume that orthodontics is just for kids and teens, but that is no longer the case. Adults of all ages desire perfectly straight teeth. And, just because you didn’t get braces when you were younger doesn’t mean it’s too late for you now. Invisalign is ideal for teens and adults of all ages, so you’re never too old to get straight teeth!

Invisalign aligners are discrete

Invisalign’s clear aligners are hardly noticeable. While they aren’t invisible, the clear aligners are far less noticeable than shiny metal braces and brackets. Their discreteness makes Invisalign a popular choice among patients that want to achieve straighter teeth without the embarrassment of metal in their mouth.

Invisalign aligners are removable

During your treatment, you should wear your aligners at least 20-22 hours per day, removing them only to eat, drink, and brush and floss your teeth. However, the fact that Invisalign aligners are removable makes them a popular choice among adults. You should commit to wearing your aligners most of the day and night, although it is convenient that the aligners are removable for special occasions like a job interview, first date, or for pictures. Just be sure to always store your aligners in their protective case when not wearing them.

Invisalign won’t affect your food choices

Another popular reason for choosing Invisalign is that your food choices aren’t hindered. Since your aligners are removed just prior to each meal, your orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to dictate your food choices. For instance, you can still eat corn on the cob, chomp into whole apples, snack on nuts, or chew gum. Just remember to put your aligners back in your mouth promptly after eating.

Who should get Invisalign?

Teens or adults with slightly crooked to moderately misaligned teeth may be good candidates for Invisalign in Greeneville. However, not everyone is a candidate for clear aligner orthodontics. Patients with severe malocclusion or TMJ disorder may be better suited for traditional braces. Therefore, schedule a consultation with an Invisalign provider in Greeneville to find out if you’re a candidate.

Invisalign Providers in Greeneville, Erwin, and Jonesborough

Achieving straight teeth doesn’t have to be a scary process. In fact, at Tusculum Dental Care, we start the process with a personalized consultation to discuss your unique dental needs, and from there, we develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your smile goals. Learn more about Invisalign or see if clear aligner orthodontics in Greeneville is right for you by calling Tusculum Dental Care at (423) 639-7575 or contact us today.