6 Successful Tips to help you Stop Smoking

tips to stop smoking

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It’s estimated that nearly 34.1 million Americans smoke cigarettes, although many of them want to quit. Unfortunately, kicking the habit and giving up cigarettes for good is not an easy feat because it is incredibly addictive. However, most smokers are aware of the many health dangers of smoking and may even have tried to quit before with little to no success at achieving their goal. Smoking also harms your oral health, causing bad breath, stains on your teeth, gum disease, and tooth loss. So, today on the blog, family dentists in Greeneville share six successful tips to help you stop smoking for good.

Find Your Motivation

When you set out to accomplish something significant, you’re bound to encounter tough times and hard days. Therefore, it is essential to find your motivation so that you can remember why you’re trying to reach your goal, especially when times get challenging. Many smokers that set out to kick the habit do so for their health, loved ones, or finances, as smoking can be an expensive habit. But those may not be the main reasons for quitting.

Here are a few other motivating reasons to give up cigarettes

  • Your food will be more enjoyable because it tastes better.
  • Your belongings, home, car, clothes, and breath, will smell better.
  • Your teeth will look whiter.
  • You’ll look younger with fewer wrinkles.
  • You’ll be a role model for your children and family.

Get Prepared

If you have never attempted to quit before, prepare yourself for what to expect. Nicotine is addictive, and you should be prepared to feel bad, experience headaches, mood swings, and even insomnia at first, especially if you try to quit cold turkey. Therefore, plan to stop smoking around a time that you can stay home to rest and focus on other aspects of your health to combat these symptoms. You may also want to talk to your doctor about a smoking cessation program that tapers you off cigarettes, lessening your symptoms. Typically, the urge to smoke is at its highest during the first few days. So, if you can get past that, you will be more successful at kicking the habit long-term.

Ask for Support

One of the best ways to get through something difficult and emotional is to ask for support. Let your friends and family know about your commitment, and pick a date that you plan to have officially reached your goal. This way, they can help hold you accountable. Plus, if your friends or family members also smoke, they should respect your decision to quit and not smoke around your or offer you cigarettes. You may even end up being a good example to influence their decision to quit as well.

Decide Your Method to Quit

Many products help smokers quit. Nasal sprays, skin patches, inhalers, lozenges, gum, and other products may be good options to help you combat cravings and help you along your journey. Many of these smoking cessation products are available at your local pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.

Unwind Time

Many smokers relate their habit to a way of relaxing or unwinding when they feel stressed or anxious or as a way to pass the time when they are bored. Start focusing on other ways to relax, like listening to music or taking a hot bath. Some people find that exercising helps take their minds off wanting a cigarette. Plus, exercising has many health benefits as well. Other ways to relax are to get a massage, try essential oils, or plan activities with friends to stay busy. If you find that you need to busy your hands while sitting around or watching TV, consider taking up crafting to keep your hands doing something other than smoking.

Avoid Triggers

If you’re trying to give up something, you need to get rid of the triggers. Scour your home, car, and office for cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays and get rid of them. Air out your house and car so that the lingering smell of cigarettes doesn’t trigger you when you’re in a vulnerable moment. Also, plan ahead! If you typically enjoy smoking on your work break or after eating, do something else instead, like chew sugar-free gum or go for a short walk.

How to Stop Smoking in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee

At Tusculum Dental Care, we believe that overall health and oral health are intricately related. Kicking the habit for good not only improves your health, but you’ll notice changes in your teeth and gums, too. Get started today on your smoking cessation journey to experience your best health! Along with quitting smoking, we recommend routine dental checkups to remove tartar and bacteria responsible for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. You can schedule your appointment by calling Tusculum Dental Care at (423) 639-7575 or contact us today.