Sports Guard: A Necessary Piece of Equipment

sports guards are necessary

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Does your child participate in sports? If so, then they may be at risk of an injury to the mouth or face that could result in a broken or avulsed (knocked out) tooth, as well as a laceration to their lips, cheeks, or gums. According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, orofacial injuries are the most common injuries associated with playing sports. Children not wearing a sports guard are 60 times more likely to sustain an injury to the mouth or teeth.

A custom-made sports guard in Greeneville by the expert dental team at Tusculum Dental Care can provide the necessary protection for your child’s teeth. Here’s why a sports guard should be a necessary piece of equipment this school year and beyond.

What is a sports guard?

A sports guard is a custom-made oral appliance that fits over your child’s teeth. It is made of acrylic and is durable to withstand biting pressure or force caused from blunt trauma. The mouth guard is far superior to the kind you can purchase in stores since our sports guards are crafted from impressions of your child’s mouth, unlike those kinds that you boil to form fit.

How does a sports guard protect my child’s teeth?

With a protective sports guard in place, your child’s teeth are protected from being knocked out, broken or chipped, as well as preventing lacerations to the mouth that could result in sutures or surgery or extensive dental repairs. When a dental injury occurs, it causes the child to miss out on participating in their sport, as well as possible time missed at school, and the time you spend taking off from work to take them to the emergency dentist in Greeneville. A sports guard can prevent these instances from occurring.

Why is a sports guard important?

Nothing is as good as one’s own natural teeth, although many restorative procedures exist to repair damaged teeth, it’s always best to keep the ones you’ve got healthy. With that being said, a sports guard can prevent the need for extensive repairs, or even tooth replacement that could end up costing a great deal of money. Why not avoid the need for emergency dental care by protecting your child’s teeth?

What should I do if my child’s teeth are injured?

If your child’s tooth gets knocked out, immediately submerge the tooth into milk or your child’s own saliva. If your child’s mouth is bleeding, apply pressure and immediately head to the dentist for treatment. If a tooth becomes broken, get attention immediately as well, especially if the tooth results in pain. If at any time you believe your child may have a more serious injury that may result in a concussion, head trauma, or your child is not responding, please call emergency services such as 911 immediately.

Youth Sports Guards in Greeneville

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