Questions about Teeth Whitening

questions about teeth whitening

questions about teeth whiteningServing patients of Erwin, Jonesborough, and Greeneville, TN

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? A whitening treatment will make your teeth brighter, and shades whiter, producing a better-looking smile. A professional whitening treatment from your local Greeneville cosmetic dentist is arguably the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry, but you may have some questions regarding this procedure.

Tusculum Dental Care is here to help. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding whitening treatments. Use this information to help decide whether a professional whitening procedure is right for you.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, although a professional whitening treatment from an experienced, well-trained cosmetic dentist in Greeneville is safer than using a store-bought whitening kit. These over-the-counter whitening products have been known to cause enhanced tooth sensitivity while delivering subpar results. By contrast, our professional whitening treatments produce teeth that stay whiter for longer compared to results from store-bought kits, and without causing additional sensitivity.

Why do teeth become discolored?

There are several reasons why teeth become discolored, including:

  • Age: Getting older shows in changes that occur in our bodies, and our teeth. Your tooth enamel begins to erode as you age, eventually exposing the next layer—which is called dentin and is yellowish in color.
  • Personal Habits: Smoking, chewing tobacco, or drinking and eating foods and beverages that cause stains such as coffee and red wine all can cause teeth to become discolored. Limit your intake of dark berries, red wine, and coffee to keep your teeth looking brighter. Also, if you use tobacco in any form, quit.
  • Intrinsic Staining: This happens when teeth become stained from the inside of the tooth, which usually occurs in people who used tetracycline, a popular antibiotic, as children or were over-exposed to fluoride.

What types of whitening treatments does Tusculum Dental Care offer?

We can perform our whitening treatments in-office, improving the appearance of your teeth in less than an hour.

We also offer at-home whitening procedures, which use the same high concentration of whitening gel to be used with custom trays.

For maximum convenience, we also offer pre-filled trays that are administered at home.

Both our at-home and pre-filled whitening treatments are accompanied by specific instructions on how to safely use the products.

How long does it take to achieve whiter teeth?

In most cases, patients will experience a significant difference in the appearance of their teeth after just one whitening treatment at our office. However, each case is different, and at Tusculum Dental Care, your Greeneville cosmetic dentists will determine how many whitening treatments might be necessary in order for you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Are there other options to whiten my smile?

Several other cosmetic procedures offered at Tusculum Dental Care can produce whiter-looking teeth. These procedures include cosmetic bonding, veneers, and DuraThin veneers.

Teeth Whitening in Greeneville

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