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Advances in technology have changed every industry and aspect of society. The same holds true in dentistry, which always is evolving new and exciting techniques and tools. Tusculum Dental Care believes in providing comfortable, convenient care at the highest level possible. As a result, we strive to keep upgrading the tools and technology in our practice. Meanwhile, our staff goes through continuing education so that they remain up to speed on the latest state-of-the-art techniques in dental science.

Here is a list of some of the ways your Greeneville family dentists at Tusculum Dental care uses technology to serve our patients:

  • Conebeam: This three-dimensional imaging system provides comprehensive detailed images for diagnostic purposes. It can focus in on a precise area or zoom out for a similarly comprehensive view of the entire skull. We determine ahead of time which images are needed to best meet the diagnostic needs of the patient. Working from this plan helps limit exposure to radiation—which already is quite low and minimal compared to the radiation emitted by traditional X-ray machines.
  • Digital X-rays: The advance of digital technology has made X-rays, a tried and true diagnostic method in dentistry for decades, more convenient and helpful than ever. A digital X-ray machine will produce images that are clearer and more precise—minimizing the total number of X-rays taken, which shortens your total appointment time. Digital X-ray machines also emit a fraction of the radiation compared to traditional X-ray machines, and our computer system quickly can convert the X-rays into viewable images helpful for diagnostics and developing treatment plans.
  • Digital impressions: Forget the traditional method of taking impressions by casting teeth in a semi-solid mold. This messy and often uncomfortable process has been replaced thanks to the advent of digital technology. Our state-of-the-art imaging system allows us to take digital impressions by scanning your teeth that are then used to craft restorations and oral appliances. Not only is the digital impression system more convenient, it also produces models that are more exact. Digital imaging also can be used to monitor tooth wear, gum issues, or the shifting of any teeth.
  • Laser dentistry: Using our precise dental laser, we can perform procedures in less time, with less bleeding and less discomfort than it would take to conduct the same procedures by traditional means. The laser immediately cauterizes any incisions made in the mouth, eliminating the need for sutures and dramatically decreasing the risk of infection. Dental lasers can be used to perform soft-tissue procedures such as gum surgery as part of our treatment program for periodontal disease or recontouring the gum line for cosmetic purposes.
  • T-Scan: This diagnostic tool is used as part of our program of neuromuscular dentistry, which focuses on the alignment of the bite and jaw and is used to treat temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). The T-Scan system generates a computerized scan of the entire bite of a patient, identifying any possible pressure points that may be problematic or painful.

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