Can Natural Remedies help TMJ Disorder?

natural tmj remedies

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Temporomandibular joint malfunctions can cause a myriad of symptoms that vary from one patient to another. Patients who experience TMJ disorder report pain ranging from slight to debilitating, preventing normal daily function. At Tusculum Dental Care, our caring Greeneville TMJ dentists don’t like to see anyone in agony. Therefore, today on the blog, we share some natural remedies that can help reduce TMJ disorder effects.

With TMJ Disorder, it’s all Connected

Typically, patients report pain emanating from their jaw. However, TMJ disorder may also cause other symptoms in the back, shoulders, neck, face, or teeth. Additionally, those who suffer from TMJ disorder may have regular headaches, primarily upon waking in the morning. Unfortunately, the headaches are often misdiagnosed as migraines and treated with unnecessary medication. Fortunately, our experienced TMJ dentists in Greeneville can help resolve your jaw joint condition and reduce your pain.

Possible Natural Pain Relief Methods

Although we encourage patients to relieve their pain naturally, it’s your body’s way of signaling something is wrong. Therefore, before buying that mega-size bottle of over-the-counter pain medication, you should seek the professional advice of a Jonesborough dentist that treats TMJ disorder to inquire about treatment possibilities that avoid long-term use of medications. Below are a few natural relief methods that can help reduce your pain level until you receive proper treatment.

Change Your Diet

Consuming a diet filled with hard-to-chew or crunchy foods makes your jaw work harder than it should and may cause inflammation. Our Greeneville TMJ specialists recommend choosing soft, easy-to-chew foods for several weeks to reduce your pain. However, remember to maintain proper nutrition by getting the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables in a smoothie or eating soup.

Reduce Stress

High-stress levels can cause your body to react in negative ways. Those who have TMJ disorder show signs of stress. For example, when sleeping, some people unknowingly clench their jaw or grind their teeth, commonly known as bruxism. Unfortunately, the excess force on your teeth radiates to your jaws, potentially misaligning them and causing TMJ disorder development. Our Greeneville dentists that treat TMJ disorder advise patients to reduce their stress by going for a walk, taking a long bath, writing in a journal, meditating, yoga, or anything else you may enjoy that provides relaxation.


According to multiple clinical studies, acupuncture uses needles inserted into your body for pain relief. Acupuncture can also help reduce muscle spasms and relax strained and tense muscles in your head or facial area, often resulting from TMJ disorder.

Jaw Massage

Self-message of your temporomandibular joint several times a day can help loosen your jaw muscles and temporarily relieve pain. Our Jonesborough TMJ dentists advise patients to limit extreme jaw movements associated with yawning, screaming, or yelling as it can increase jaw joint stress. However, if you must yawn, scream, or yell, take a few moments to massage your jaw afterward to reduce undue stress.

Hot and Cold Compress

An all-natural tried-and-true therapeutic method for reducing pain and inflammation occurs when you alternate hot and cold compresses. When you feel the onset of pain, place a moist hot pack or an ice pack on your jaw area for approximately 15 minutes. Then, change to the opposite one for an additional 15 minutes. Our Erwin dentists who treat TMJ disorder recommend pursuing the routine a few times throughout the day when possible.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Each TMJ disorder case varies from patient to patient, as do the treatments necessary to correct the problem. Some patients may benefit from using a custom-made oral appliance while sleeping to realign their bite, absorb the intense pressure from clenching or grinding, and protect their smile’s integrity. To find out if an oral appliance can help relieve your TMJ symptoms, feel free to schedule a consultation at our Greeneville dental office.

TMJ Dentists in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee

Keep in mind that while these remedies may help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, the problem still has to be treated at the source. With unique qualifications, neuromuscular dentists can identify the cause of your TMJ disorder and provide the necessary treatment to provide pain relief. Treating the problem at the source can permanently relieve your pain and keep you from needing medication to get through your day. To ask questions about natural TMJ disorder remedies or how our Jonesboro TMJ dentists can help relieve your pain, feel free to call Tusculum Dental Care at (423) 639-7575 or request an appointment online. Then, you can finally stop living with daily pain and reclaim your pain-free life!